Beat your competition with a killer pay-per-click campaign

Best of all, our expert Google AdWords customer service team is here to provide help and support each step of the way.

What is Google PPC?

How can it turn around my business?


On average, businesses make a profit of $3 for every $1.60 spent on AdWords? and AdWords search volume shows the top three paid ads on Google attract almost half of total clicks on the page?

When done right, the power of pay-per-click advertising can be phenomenal for business. It’s the fastest way to connect with users looking to buy a product or find a service.

At Kawande Digital, we can even provide you training on how to utilise PPC with Google AdWords, so you can develop the skills you need to outclass your competitors.

What to expect when you kick-start a Google PPC management campaign with Kawande Digital:

  • Define your target demographics
  • Position yourself in front of relevant consumers
  • Optimise your ad for location
  • Receive regular updates and reports
  • Work within a budget that suits you
  • Review your ad’s success based on tangible results

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